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So you finally launched your own small business! Congratulations on the 1st big step!

Your business mentor is helping you work through a list of start up essentials; business plan, business cards, phone number, website, need to have all of these tasks completed but they are not related to your main business skills - none the less, they have to be completed and completed properly or your will get to do them over again.

Oh and you have to do all of this at the same time you are developing the day to day business - your core business - the bread and butter of your enterprise.

To make matters more complicated, a lot of these things on the to do list are not necessarily straight forward - consider the following exchange:

(ringing phone)

AMAZINGLY HELPFUL BUSINESS CARD RETAILER: Same Day Business Cards! Janice speaking, how may I help you? kiss

ENTHUSIASTIC ENTREPRENEUR: Hi Janice - I need some business cards. cool

BUSINESS CARD RETAILER: Well you called the right place, do you have an idea of what you want your business card to say? kiss

ENTREPRENEUR: Well I want my company name in bold and both my phone

BUSINESS CARD RETAILER: Do you want a byline printed under the company name? kiss

ENTREPRENEUR: Byline? smile

 What's A Byline?

 A Byline can be thought of as a secondary descriptor that compliments your business name. On the sample site, Blue Sky Landscaping, I created a byline that reads "CREATING PARADISE ONE 'SCAPE AT A TIME':

For the sample site "FRAME IT RIGHT GENERAL CONTRACTING" I elected to not use a byline in this case I stole an idea I 1st heard from Seth Godin and built the byline into the company name.

Please note a byline could still be added in this example. The 1st the pops in my mind is unfortunately already taken by Mr Lube (Doing it right before your eyes) but something like "Doing it right since 19xx" might convey an additional sense of security. And of course for A BUCK A DAY, the byline is, 'Creating & Growing Your Small Business the Smart Way!'.

A Buck A Day

 The Byline should reinforce the company name. You want to create something that expands on your business idea and sticks in your customers head. Consider the following effective 'audio byline', Pizza-Pizza 737-11-11 phone Pizza-Pizza....


ENTREPRENEUR: Oh I see, I'll need to think about that. innocent

BUSINESS CARD RETAILER: No Problem, how about a company logo? Do you have the file formats from your website and business stationary? If so you can email them to me and if they are the same format, I'll stick them on your cards at no extra cost. kiss

ENTREPRENEUR: Good point, I need to start thinking about a consistent business image, my mentor told me I need to get it in my head that I am creating a brand which will take up 'think space' in my customers' heads. The thing is I don't have a logo or website yet, I was going to get the business stationary from you so it would look like my business card but I hadn't thought about the website. wink

BUSINESS CARD RETAILER: It doesn' t really matter whether you start with the business cards, the website or the business stationary - the main thing is you decide on logo and a byline (optional), the colours and general look and feel that you want across all of your printed material, online and offline. kiss


ENTREPRENEUR: Colours? undecided

BUSINESS CARD RETAILER: Is your logo going to be a single colour or multiple colours? Your website and business stationary should reflect these colours. Generally you will start with a main colour and then choose secondary colour(s) that compliment and/or contrast the main colour. And you want your colours to be consistent, the red part of your logo should be the same shade of red on your website and on your business card. So referring to it as bright red is not going to be enough. For instance, in technical terms, this line of red could be described as Hexadecimal #FF0000 or it's RGB value of RED:255 GREEN:0 BLUE:0. While this RED is #A60000 or R:166 G:0 B:0. kiss

(CMYK is another format used for many colour laser printers and products like Adobe Illustrator. The are many websites that offer free translations, search for 'cmyk to rgb', 'cmyk to hex' to find one. CMYK actually stands for the colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Key. Black is the key colour. Read more at Wikipedia.)

ENTREPRENEUR: And I thought this was going to be a quick phone call! surprised

BUSINESS CARD RETAILER: Don't worry, I get this call all the time! You're starting a new business right? kiss

ENTREPRENEUR How did you know? embarassed

AMAZINGLY HELPFUL BUSINESS CARD RETAILER: Like I said, you called the right place. If you want to get started quickly, easily and inexpensively here is what I would recommend. Block off at least 30 minutes of your time, sit down with your favourite beverage, go to and select a free logo. This is a good starting point especially if you are unsure of what you want. There are several categories to choose from but if you don't find anything that strikes your fancy, try the abstract category. As a minimum pick a logo.

(Update: The logos at are no longer free. They're not expensive but they're not free. If you really need free you could probably to a search for logos and find something.)

If you are eager and have the time add your company name and byline - the user interface is amazingly simple. You will also see a couple of colour boxes in the upper menu, these are the primary and secondary colours of the logo you selected, use these for you Company Name and Byline.

If you are busy just let your web developer know which logo you have selected and they can take it from there.

With this method you can get started right away with no upfront logo fees. Later after you have had time to think about this more deeply (and have positive cash flow to support it) you could have a custom made logo created. You would have the option of keeping the same colour scheme used throughout your website or developing a new one at this time. kiss

ENTHUSIASTIC ENTREPRENEUR: You said with my favourite beverage right? Thanks, call you later! cool


AMAZINGLY HELPFUL BUSINESS CARD RETAILER: If you would like to see some really amazing real live logos that will make you think, see the following article: Logos that make you think kiss

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