Logos That Make You Think


This was found on the web years ago but as far as logos go it's highly relevant. It's unclear who the original author is, the comments after each logo are from the original author.




This logo has a smile that represents happy customers. The smile is also an arrow pointing from A to Z, suggesting they have everything from A to Z.




Baskin Robbins

At first glance it looks normal, but the initials up top in, the part that is pink, is a 31 for the 31 flavors of ice cream.





There is an arrow between the E and the X suggesting precision and it points right because they always deliver right on time.




Milwaukee Brewers

If you just look at quickly you see a glove, but it’s actually made from the teams initials M and B.





In the company’s logo, you will see a bear hidden in the mountain. The bear is the symbol of the city of Berne in Switzerland where Toblerone is produced.




VIA Rail Canada Logo

Notice carefully…the VIA rail Canada logo makes two train tracks with the letters” V” and the “A”. The alphabet “I” is the division between the two. A simply brilliant logo.

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