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Presenting the 1st in the "Reach MORE Customers" Small Business mini-marketing course series.



Going Online 101: Putting Your Small Business Online, The 1st Few Steps.

Intro - What Is Marketing?

Marketing is not about being delicate (even if you're marketing 'delicates'), it's not about being cute, funny, smart or witty although sometimes these elements are present.

Marketing is about uncovering raw emotions and nurturing them into something that starts from within and grows to become an unstoppable force of desire and then, at the right time, translating that desire into action.

If I asked you to close your eyes and imagine your favourite food, how it tastes as you take that first bite,....Try it for a few moments!

If you really did close your eyes and imagine, you will also notice that you were salivating because you made an emotional connection with a thought or idea.

That fact that you unconsciously made this emotional connection based on the words in front of you is what makes marketing possible. Everyone does it all the time. Some do it better than others. But, we ALL DO IT!

Think of the last time you pursued someone romantically. Did you put your best foot forward? Did you carefully and casually say certain things knowing the whole time every little thing you say will generate a perception?

My crappy old car broke down again last week!” communicates the same base message as “My two week old Mercedes broke down, I can't believe it, in all the years I've had these cars, this has never happened!” but at the same time communicates another more subtle message that is also very loud and clear.

This principal is universal and timeless because it is based on human behaviour. It applies to every transaction in life whether it involves friendship, sex, money or any other exchange.

It applies whether you believe it or not.

It applies whether you practice it or not.

It's kind of like gravity that way.

Gravity doesn't care what you 'think' or what you 'believe', it just is.

Try and keep this in mind as we go through the topics of ReachMORE - it doesn't matter what you and your friends think about your business adventure - it's your customers that pay the bills.

Fortunately they are pretty good at telling you what they think, once you develop the ability to listen.


Thank you for your time and contribution.

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