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Most Content Management Systems (CMS) today are 'extended' beyond the original functionality by many 3rd party products. The Joomla! CMS is extended by a series of components, modules & plugins collectively known as Extensions. As of September 23 2013, there were 3858 extensions listed for Joomla! 3.x in the Joomla! Extension Directory. By June 27 2014 the number of extensions specific to Joomla! 3.x has increased to 5612, by November 9 2015 the number increased to 7473!

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Extensions add new functionality to your website. Slideshows, image galleries, mailing lists, social network sharing are just a few examples of the kind of extensions that can be added - the list is quite exhaustive & growing every day!

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Many of the extensions offered are free to use. Some are free to use but put a link on your website to help the developer expand awareness of their product offerings. A typical example of this is Breezing Forms by Crosstec, when you install the Lite version it adds a link to the bottom of your form that looks like this.

Breezing Forms Link

Some extensions offer a free 'entry level' version of their product and also offer versions for sale that have more functionality built in to make your life easier. For instance AcyMailing has a Starter version and offers 3 additional versions with incrementally expanded features sets in the range of $50 - $150. And still others choose to produce a free product and offer a monthly support for a fee as a means of compensation (hey we all need to eat).

What ever your small business needs are, chances are there is a Joomla! extension already in existence that will meet your requirements. Another nifty feature of the Joomla! Extension Directory is the comments section. Before you invest time or money on a particular extension, have a look at the comments and you can get a pretty good idea of how good the product is and what kind of support you might expect to receive. Yes developers offering free products also often provide some level of free support! So if you find an extension that is really good, be a hero and add some nice comments!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are trying to resolve installation or configuration issues it's better to go directly to the developers website and start a dialogue about the problem. Then after it is resolved (or not) you can comment on the process, this helps the developers and other business people like yourself to better judge a particular products suitability for your needs.

And if you don't have the time or desire to find, install & configure extensions and want someone to just do it for you and then show you what you need to make it work then talk to the product vendor or your friendly web site developer (hint: That's Us!), chances are someone will be able to help you for a reasonable fee.

At Websites 4 Small Business we offer this as a fee based service to our customers. Not only will we find or recommend a suitable extension we will install and configure it and provide your business with documentation that shows you how to do the things you need so you can get back to your core business, which most likely involves selling something to someone!

If you need our assistance with the selection, installation, configuration or use of a particular extension simply complete our simple extension quote to get started.

If you wish to see the extensions used in this website click here and then scroll down to the little 'movie' titled Website Contributors (the extension used for the little 'movie' is called Motion Links).


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