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So we're building your 'house' & you're bringing the furniture, but what about all the rest? The furnace, the wiring, plumbing, appliances - all the things that make your house a home? In the design phase we work with you and determine the set of 'appliances' you are going to need in your new 'home' and integrate them into build process. That way you don't have wires running all over the place.

In technical terms, building refers to installing configuring and testing specific extensions that increase the functionality of your website. (Slide show, photo gallery, mailing list, shopping cart, comments, ...).


What Are Website Extensions?

Website extensions are software programs that extend the things you can do with your website. Examples can be mailing lists, custom contact forms, special search tools with advanced features, calendars, the list goes on and on and on.

These software programs are written by various people, groups and companies, for various commercial and non-commercial uses. Which means some of the software is free out right, some comes with a form of GPL license that require hyperlinks back to the writer or small logos on your page and some costs you money to outright purchase, purchase per seat licensing, per volume usage, maintenance contracts or a variety of other creative and cost effective pricing options.

Generally speaking, unless you have very specific requirements you will be able to find really good software packages for little or no money. Many of the properly marketed packages have a free level with certain functionality and one or more higher levels of the same product for some sort of fee.

This really represents a win-win strategy. You as a small business owner starting out, get to try a package and see if it works for you. When your business grows and you want/need the software to do more to save you time & money, there is a solution already available for you.

You don't have to re-learn how to do everything because you are already familiar with the entry level package and the pricing is very reasonable. For the software developer, they get a wider product exposure & they get to use the entry level product as a huge product testing environment with real live customers. Additionally many of the license 'backlink requirements' of the starter packages help to increase their overall visibility on that huge pile of information & misinformation we call the Internet. Truly a win-win product model.


Extensions - Technical Details

In Joomla! speak, extensions are:

  1. Components
  2. Plugins
  3. Modules
  4. Or a combination of all three

To have a look at the thousands of extensions available visit the Official Joomla! Extensions Directory.

There are 3 major versions of Joomla!. We only work with the latest version, 3.x (3.2 as of 2013-11-09). If you go to Joomla!'s Extension Directory, you can filter on Joomla! 3.x as well as Category, License & Type. Some will prefer this search over the category view.

I Just Need Extensions! I Need a Whole Website!


How Will Extensions Help Me?

Extensions add more functionality and/or style to your website. They allow you to do more things or do existing tasks faster & better. They increase your efficiency & make you look like a star!

If you think of a website as a set of business tools then extensions are special purpose tools that add to your tool set to help you do more or replace existing tools to help you do things faster. The reason for upgrading any business tool is still the same - to increase your bottom line by helping you do more and allowing you do it better/faster than your competitor.

I Just Need Extensions! I Need a Whole Website!


How Much Do They Cost To Install?

Our pricing for installation services varies with complexity of the extension. Minimum pricing is $12.50, this would be for extensions requiring the minimum amount of installation and configuration time. A more complicated extension could run you about $20-$35. If we were helping you install a full blown shopping cart and configure it with hundreds of products we would feel more comfortable providing you with a specific itemized quote.

I Just Need Extensions! I Need a Whole Website!


What Do I Get For My Money?

More money hopefully. We are trying to save you time by doing this for you. That means you don't have to waste hours searching through endless lists of extensions, installing, configuring and testing one product after another until you find one that meets your needs. That's the absolute downside of doing yourself, worst case -- Umm, unless you do something like install a package not designed for your website and bring the entire thing down! Maybe you should back everything up first.

That's our funny way of saying that you are also getting experience. If there is an extension in our extension installation services list it's there because we have used it - possibly are using it, have worked through configuration issues and all the fun stuff that comes with working with the unknown. It's only after investing hours, days in some cases, that we find the right product for a particular use and learn its ins and outs. Only after that experience can we say, product X will cost $22.50 to install and configure.

I Just Need Extensions! I Need a Whole Website!


Can I Install Them Myself?

May I install them myself might be a better question and the answer to that is Yes, it's your website. The "Can I" question is more of a skills based question, so it's impossible to answer without some knowledge of your skill set. Consider the question "Can I fly a plane?", we wouldn't be able to answer that question either.

Should I install them myself is an even better question. And our answer to that is sometimes it's ok and makes sense, but generally if you are running after your business, focusing on your core roles and values then it doesn't make sense to do this yourself.

We understand that many entrepreneurs just starting out will have more ideas and time than cash. Trust us, we understand. That is why we have started to create a Joomla! 3 help website. If you see detailed installation instructions for a particular extension, then depending on your skill level, you may be ok doing it yourself. Read through the instructions to see if this seems like something you may be able to do. If the installation instructions seem like another language, maybe you should use our installation services.

I Just Need Extensions! I Need a Whole Website!


What If I Have Problems, Can You Help?

Short answer is YES. But we have covered a couple of topics here so let's try and clarify that statement a bit. Our installation services include support for 30 days to make sure everything is working and to answer any initial questions you may have. For product use questions you can always ask questions here at this site or on our Joomla! 3 Help Site.

Now if you have installed something yourself and things are broken, consider the response you would get from your mechanic or plumber if you asked them, "Well I fixed it myself and now it's broken, how much will it cost to fix it?" We would expect the response to be along the lines of:

"Well it depends on how much you 'fixed' it!"

But seriously, if you did install an extension and things are messed up, we would look at the problem for an initial fee of $25. If we can resolve the problem at that time, we will with no extra charges. If the problem is more in depth we will provide you with an assessment of the problem along with our recommendation to resolve the issue.

I Just Need Extensions! I Need a Whole Website!


What We Do?

Websites 4 Small Business, designs, builds and hosts websites. We specialize in small business websites.

When it's possible, practical and cost effective, we use Open Source off the shelf software to get your site up and running fast. Our philosophy is simple:

Why reinvent the 'technology wheel' at your expense?Cave Man creating wheel

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Who We Do It For?

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