We Design Custom Website Templates

A website can be divided into two parts, the structure and the content. Think of the structure as that newly designed but unfurnished house, except in this case your website is not going to look like every other website on the block. Think of the content as your furniture.

In technical terms, design refers to the customization of the layout and arrangement of the various elements that make your website. (Is it a double car garage? Where is the fireplace located? Brick or Stone?).


What's A Website Template?

A website template is a collection of files that give your website a specific look. It's kind of like your best suit when you go out on the town.


If I have A Joomla! 3.X Website Can You Design A Template?

Yes. We can create a custom template to your specifications and gave your existing Joomla! 3.x website the facelift it needs. If you don't already have a website select I Need a Website below.

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What We Do?

Websites 4 Small Business, designs, builds and hosts websites. We specialize in small business websites.

When it's possible, practical and cost effective, we use Open Source off the shelf software to get your site up and running fast. Our philosophy is simple:

Why reinvent the 'technology wheel' at your expense?Cave Man creating wheel

Ok tell me more,...

Who We Do It For?

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