About Websites 4 Small Business


Websites 4 Small Business is a service based company. Briefly, we offer the following:

  1. Custom website design
  2. Website installation
  3. Reliable website hosting
  4. Custom component installation
  5. Additional installation services available as needed
  6. Content Addition Services
  7. Content Creation Services
  8. Not Listed? Just Ask

We use our expertise & experience with open source technologies to make professional, scalable websites available to you at reasonable prices. The majority of time our customers do not need to purchase software, only installation, configuration services & hosting. We offer scalable solutions that allow you to get your website up & running at a price point you can meet. Rome wasn't built in a day - it took at least two, maybe three.

Our philosophy is - don't spend it if you don't need to. As a small business owner you already know that if you don't watch your cash flow, it's likely you will not succeed unless of course, you develop the next Facebook or Twitter. [Then that's all you'll do is watch your cash flow].

So why rush out and spend a lot of money on tools that you might or might not need down the road. That way you can afford to pay extra $$$ for the stuff that's really important, and by important we mean effective tools that will help your business grow.

Our services are designed & priced in a way that helps you build your web presence one block at a time as your budget permits.

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Websites 4 Small Business recognizes that all business is a collective effort.
How successful would any of today's businesses be without the ground work that was laid before them?
Imaging operating a business with no trains, planes or automobiles not to mention phone or Internet.
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What We Do?

Websites 4 Small Business, designs, builds and hosts websites. We specialize in small business websites.

When it's possible, practical and cost effective, we use Open Source off the shelf software to get your site up and running fast. Our philosophy is simple:

Why reinvent the 'technology wheel' at your expense?Cave Man creating wheel

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Who We Do It For?

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