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Logos & Branding

If you are dropping $6000 on a website chances are the early team meetings will revolve heavily around branding, images, logo development and such. And for good reason, branding, images & logos, if implemented properly, can greatly enhance your marketing message. The expression 'a picture is worth a thousand words' was not likely created by someone simply dealing with writers cramp! Humans are, after all, visual creatures. A trip to the Sparks Street Mall on a warm summer day is all that is needed to confirm our visual preoccupations!

If on the other hand you have to consult your wallet to see what your website budget is, a logo may not be high on your priority list.

Fortunately for both of you – and everyone else, there are options. Lots and Lots of options. Quality & Price may vary. From very cheap (under $100) if you are picking a premade, non exclusive logo or designing it yourself - to as much as you wanted to pay for professional custom graphic design. Estimating $300-$500 for a basic professional logo does not seem out of line with today's market.


Website Design

As previously mentioned you can easily pay $6000 for a website. You can also get one for free. And not just one, lists like top 10 free websites don't exist for nothing. Of course not all on the list are free and some are not really free when you get into the details. For instance, as previously mentioned, sites like Weebly have created interfaces that allow customers to build their own websites with the hope of collecting higher fees once you need some of the more advanced features like multimedia, password authorizations and ecommerce.


Is Anything Really Free?

If you find a site that is completely free with no apparent income model, it might be important to consider a few basic questions:
How can they offer completely free services, what's the catch?
Will they continue to offer free services in the future or will the terms change later at a time that might not be too convenient for your small business?


Open Source Website Software The 'Other Free'

WordPress Wikipedia Definition

And that's not the only “free”. There's the world of Open Source which strictly speaking is not free, although it may seem like that. Many people have heard of WordPress. It's an example of an Open Source Content Management System (CMS), which really means the website is pre-built with an administrative control panel that lets you do virtually everything without knowing anything about HTML or programming. At Websites 4 Small Business we offer services based primarily on the Joomla! 3.x CMS Platform.



A Custom Template Is Like A Custom Made Suit

The look of a CMS is controlled by the template. Joomla! & WordPress both include a couple of default templates. They will get you started but probably wont look anything like the 10 ten websites! Try thinking of the website template as a suit of clothes. Would you want to show up to that big interview wearing the same outfit as every other candidate or would you prefer something that will help you stand out from the crowd? Our custom templates start at $250. Contact Us to get started today.


Beware Of Expensive 'Extended License' Templates

There are sites out there that sell templates for $25-$50 which is not a bad price considering they are not unique - someone may have already purchased the design and someone else might tomorrow. The strange thing is some of these sites offer an 'extended license' for $2000-$4500! Before you drop that kind of money on a 'license' make sure you understand the value you are getting for your hard earned cash!

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What We Do?

Websites 4 Small Business, designs, builds and hosts websites. We specialize in small business websites.

When it's possible, practical and cost effective, we use Open Source off the shelf software to get your site up and running fast. Our philosophy is simple:

Why reinvent the 'technology wheel' at your expense?Cave Man creating wheel

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