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Multimedia - Slide Shows, Flash Players

Does the Hosting provider support elements such as Multimedia? Can you load a slide show or a flash presentation?

Is there an extra charge for this? Remember in the previous example the monthly hosting fee went up if you needed to have multimedia on your website.


An Example Of An Effective Slide Show Presentation

If a picture is worth a thousand words - what's a picture and a thousand words worth? Probably not much actually, who has time to read a thousand words these days?

But what about a compelling picture and a few well chosen words? Well to answer that, you have to consider what a new customer is worth to your business.

The simple fact of the matter is an effective presentation that resonates with potential customers can lead to a sale. But don't take our word for it, consider the following presentation. Notice how the imagery compliments the well chosen words? Notice how the pictures tend to qualify the prospect by suggesting a possible lifestyle as a direct result of the product.

http://www. palmbeachletter. com/ (site has changed, slideshow is in the archive)

https://web. web/ 20150314 200134/http:// palmbeach

After reviewing the presentation, does anyone get the impression that this may be a discount service? This is another way imagery may be used to 'raise the bar' and get prospects to qualify themselves for you.


What About Movies & Videos? What About YouTube?

Movies & Videos are a special type of presentation that have different requirements and opportunities than the effective slide show just mentioned. As a small business person with limited resources (compared to the fortune 500 folks) you owe it to yourself to investigate and use 'off the shelf' tools that can provide you with immediate results with little or no overhead.

For this reason we recommend posting your videos on YouTube and/or other similar services. This doesn't prevent you from displaying videos on you site, you do, its just that the video 'lives' in YouTube land. The extra step to create a YouTube account has several benefits:

  • Cross Linking. Your YouTube account will point to your website and vice versa. Valid cross links increase your popularity with humans & spiders.
  • Super high exposure. Who has not heard of YouTube? Some visually oriented people would prefer to use YouTube as a starting point for searches instead of traditional search engines.
  • Increase exposure from related videos. A prospect may click on your video after watching a similar video. Remember we tend to stop looking when we find what we are looking for, if the last video did not answer their questions, maybe yours will.
  • Video comments provide instant feedback. Understanding the conversation in your customers head is key to joining it. Video comments provide this opportunity.
  • Reduce load & bandwidth use on your website. The video is only played on your website, it actually resides on YouTube Servers.

Even without creating your own videos and a YouTube account, relevant videos can be linked to your site to reinforce your message. While you consider this thought, please check out this inspiring video about our own Canadian Entrepreneur & Small Business Person, Martha Matilda Harper.


The Real Origin Of The Franchise

Many popular online news services now create a YouTube channel, post their videos on YouTube and simply link the videos to their articles. If you didn't notice this before take a look at how your favourite news source handles videos.

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