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Subdomain As Part Of Your Online Name

Domain name hacks can also include a made up sub-domain. Since you own the domain you decide on the subdomain name. In the example below the actual domain is the del part is a made up subdomain. If you tried a whois on you will not get a valid record back.

Domain Name Components explained


Multiple Subdomains

A subdomain can also be a used as way of creating multiple separate sites with a similar theme. is another one of our domains. It can be conveniently used to create many different websites including backupsolutions., marketing., copywriting., websites., officesolutions., the list goes on.


What Other Top Level Domains Can I Use Instead Of .com & .ca?

Some TLDs have restrictions on who can use them. For instance .edu is reserved for recognized educational institutions. Some of the two letter country codes are reserved for citizens of that country. Many countries realize the potential of cashing in on under used TLDs and are working with Domain Registrars to sell them off. You may have recently seen .me, .co and others being heavily marketed by companies like godaddy. .co is being 'branded' as the new .com and .me is being branded as a personal space, while in reality these are county level TLDs (.co is Columbia and .me is Montenegro).

Wikipedia has a nicely formatted table that contains a (not completely up to date) list of TLDs along with notes on restrictions (List of Internet top-level domains). For a complete listgo to IANA's Root Zone Database.

A (not so) REAL WARNING: If you want to venture off the beaten path of the well known .com and .ca world some customers may have difficulties finding you and/or may be otherwise overly preoccupied with your choice of TLD! So sayeth some of the online predictors of predictions!

But seriously is some of the concern around new domains based on the incorrect assumption that you can plunk down a website in a perfect .com spot and customers will flock to your door like its some kind of 'set it and forget it' cooking machine from Ronco???

The simple fact of the matter is it doesn't matter what name you choose, no one is going to find you! At least not until you kick the rest of your marketing machine into gear.

Some of the more common short TLDs that you may want to consider are .com, .ca, .biz, .net, .info, .org, .me, .co., go to IANA's Root Zone Database for the full list.

Longer ones like .bike, .camera, .enterprises, .plumbing, are called Generic Top Level Domains or gTLDs for short. gTLDs can be used to create some pretty unforgettable domain names - that is if you can afford the cover charge to get into the game!


What Are gTLDs Are Why Are Some Of Them So Expensive?

Prices can change rapidly during registration process

February 23 2014
http:// tlds/support

 May 27 2014
http:// tlds/support
Godaddy- 2014-05-27


If hindsight really is 20/20 then maybe it's because we have a history of not keeping up with our wild imaginations. No matter how hard we try to plan for anything, when we get there, it's never quite what we imagined and the Internet is no different.

Due to popular demand a whole new set (1,930 to be exact) of Top Level Domains called generic TLDs or gTLDs are in the process of being created.

What this means is you are no longer limited to the .com, .ca, .net, .info and other short TLDs.

Instead of or what about HuntClub.Pizza? How about KanataPlumbers. Plumbing or BestOttawaRealty. Land?

And what about the pricing? Welcome to the wild west all over again.

As of May 2014 the pricing seems to be higher than the traditional short TLDs and if a new gTLD is in one of its 'preregistration phases' the prices is likely to be significantly higher.

A quick search for new gTLDs indicated pricing in the 'sunrise period', 'land rush' and 'preregister' queues were no where near the March $14,000 pricing but still more than $10-$20 in many cases. And certain speciality domains are going to be much, much more:


Examples Of Wide Variations In Domain Pricing register/ domain/ gtld_landrush _multi.asp

.XYZ domains are $222 until June 2 2014.

wang-and-xyz register/ domain/ gtld_preregister _multi.asp

Some domains are simply more expensive due to market anticipation.

rich-domain register/domain/ gtld_registration _multi.asp

Notice the drop in price for the .XYZ domains once the land rush period is over on June 2 2014.


It's too soon to tell exactly what the market will do with the long term pricing on gTLDs. It should level out after the initial registration period but that does not necessarily mean a drop in price. If a speculator paid big bucks for HuntClubPizza.Pizza you will have to pay big bucks + a nice profit to buy the name from them.

There also seems to be a wide range of pricing depending on the popularity of the new category. In the next section we cover how to find registrars for TLDs & gTLDs so you can check for yourself what is available.


A Small Note On Big Names: Sometimes Size Does Matter

Google Adwords only allows 35 characters for your 'Display URL'. If you already have a long domain name you will have to be very creative for your landing pages

Google Adwords - Character Limits Requires Careful Planning


HuntClubPizzaFreshHotFastPizza  Websites4SmallBussiness.caSlashReachMORE

count = 34


count = 35 !

(Line 1 is 25 characters, the remaining 3 lines are 35 characters maximum.)

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