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In the old days, which in "Internet time" could be as little as 2 weeks ago, a .com extension for your business website was considered the gold standard.

It still is.

But most of the advice 'out there' to get a .com domain or go home is just plain wrong. When you think about it shouldn't these kind of blanket statements really take into consideration what You are trying to accomplish?

If you were running a pizza shop some would argue the best domain name would probably be Maybe might even be better for a Canadian pizza business, but given the choice you would likely grab both and point one to the other. This discussion would be pretty much over right now if you could actually get such a short concise, near perfect domain name.

For most entrepreneurs starting out these days it's not that easy - more creativity is needed. This page aims to cover some of the practical options that are available at the start of 2014.

Your mileage may very. It is possible that not every option will work for you. Others may need adjustments.

If you can take the bits that work for you and discard parts that are not a good fit then you are well on your way to carving out your own piece of the rock. Or in this case creating a domain name that works in support of your business objectives.


Pizza Anyone? - A Short Marketing Example

Maybe you can get that short pizza web address? What about ? Welcome to the world of domain hacks. Before we jump into what domain hacks are and how they can help you get a shorter domain name, there is a one really important question to ask.

Would you be better off with Maybe, maybe not.

Domain Hacks

Use the subdomain, domain & top level domain name to create a catchy online name:

If you ran a local Pizzeria in the Hunt Club area of Ottawa you might be better served with or If a hungry customer living in your area is more likely to search "pizza hunt club" or "hunt club restaurants" than maybe the domain with HuntClub in it will help you rise up on the search engine results list.

Of course getting on page one or two of the search results does not guarantee a sale. After all your hungry customer is not looking for all pizza places in the Hunt Club area, just one.


 Google Adwords Example



If your hungry customer is so hungry they don't notice the difference between these two offers then your chances are close to 50/50 of getting a click. If your customer is still deciding they may decide that is more believable than

If your customer has never heard of a .za extension they may suspect something is up. If your customer knows that a .za extension is the county code for South Africa they may think, "Hey how can that be fresh, hot or fast?".

The bottom line is we don't know. We don't know what goes on in the head of someone else. We can only ask or guess. What we can do is make a plan to catch the attention of many customers with different buying preferences. Would you go on a long fishing trip with just one style of lure and one type of bait?

What might be a really good idea in this situation is to register both names. Set up as the local online store with a laser focus of serving the best pizza in the Hunt Club area. Set up as general site all about pizza, say for instance, everything about making pizza at home and have "sponsor" would have a focus on helping (not selling to) pizza lovers world wide. Strategically placed throughout the website would be references to the sponsor The two sites would benefit from genuine cross links, would help pizza lovers and draw attention to and by attention we mean pizza lovers, the best kind of attention.

Take is one step further and have a free membership club at that offers customized pizza orders so the die hard pizza fan can create and get pre-approved custom pizzas with toppings they can't get elsewhere. How's that for a USP if you happen to be selling pizza in the Hunt Club area?

Details like location based services, smart phone orders, etc are for future discussions

In the next section we'll cover other important points to consider when selecting a domain name for your small business enterprise.

Before we jump in, consider what the following domain names have in common?

Domain Hacks

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