Domain Names - What Kind Should I Choose?



Generally you will want a domain name that, like your business name, projects what you offer. Your customers will relate to it to the extent that it reflects their point of view. If you don't have a business name yet, you are in a perfect position! What is the main benefit you offer?

Put your Customer Hat on & answer the following questions:

  • Can You Solve My Problem?
  • Who Are You?
  • What You Do?
  • How Do You Do It?
  • What Do You Charge?
  • Why Should I Choose You?

These are just some of the general questions your customers are trying to find answers for even if they are not human.


Spiders & Humans On The Web

Chances are if “Your Prospect” has never heard of you or met your before than it is very likely that “Your Customer” will be a spider.

Spiders, Web Crawlers & bots are terms used for programs that search websites and try to understand as much about them as possible. Search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing use spiders to deliver a useful product to “Their Customers” which also happen to be “Your Prospects”.

So how do you appeal to both humans and computer programs that act like spiders? The answer to that question puts us at the crossroads of SEO & Usability. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and Usability refers to human customers interacting with your website.

These are huge ongoing, money making or money losing subjects, but we'll try and touch on them briefly as they relate to domain names.

What is it about the name “Toys-R-Us” that has so much more appeal than “toy department”

Opinion: It makes an emotional connection with the child in us and couples that with an easy to remember name.

As an entrepreneur you have the opportunity to build marketing into every aspect of your business starting with your business name & the domain names you choose.

What if you already have a business name or a domain name but you are having second thoughts about how marketable they are?

Opinion: Drop them if you are just starting out. Yearly domain registrations are cheap. So are business cards if you already have a batch of them printed up. On the business name side you also have options.

Don't start off with names that force you to market around them or in spite of them. This wastes a lot of your time & energy. You are going to have plenty of battles ahead, no need to start out looking for a fight!

Summary: If your business name / domain names describe the problems you are trying to solve, highlights the benefits your customers will enjoy and does so in a catchy way that makes it easy to remember, you are on the right track.

On the other hand if your business name / domain names lack ALL of these qualities, it might be a good time to sit down and rethink your marketing efforts.

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