Domain Names - Do I Need More Than One?



There may be many reasons for registering more than one domain name, we'll cover a couple of important ones here.

Probably the most common reason is “Real Estate Protection”. If your website was www.your you might also want to register www. your so your competitor doesn't register it and redirect all your customers back to their website to complete the sale!

It can get more complicated. What about .net, .org, .biz, .info, .co, .me and all the new ones coming out?

What if you have a number in your name like Websites 4 Small Business .ca? Do you register the “4” and also the “for” in both .com and .ca (and the others)? And what about spelling variations? Similar Sounding Names? Misspellings?

Websites4 Business, WebsiteFor Business, Small BusinessWebsites, Business Websites, Professional Websites,... in this case, the list goes on!

Who Lives in Your New Neighbourhood? Can They Help or Hurt Your Business?

And (especially if you have not committed to any domain names yet) what about the Websites that are already in this web space? Can they be good for you? Can they hurt the birth of your new business?

Yes & Yes.

They can hurt you in at least two ways (you may know more):

  1. If they have an illegal/immoral/or otherwise negative impression on the market place you risk guilt by association.
  2. If they are popular they can draw your prospects away from you with a superior marketing message.

They can help you in at least two ways (you may know more):

  1. If they are popular they draw prospects to them by definition. If you are in the same space you have the potential to grab some of that customer swarm with your own unique message. What is your USP? How can it be crafted to take advantage of an existing customer stream?
  2. If they are not good at getting their message out, you have the opportunity to do a better job and attract customers that were not convinced the vendor can help solve their problem. There is a reason why we always find things in the last place we look for them!

Another reason why you might want more than one domain is if your business nicely splits into one or more different roles from a marketing perspective. For instance, if you performed wedding ceremonies and also funeral services you may want to separate the activities into two completely different websites.

As you make your decision keep in mind that yearly domain registrations are relatively cheap ($10-$20/yr) and can be a very effective marketing resources that can actually become a brand of their own - but that is a story for later.

If you want to claim a bunch of domains 'just in case', make sure you only get them for 1 year then you can review that decision later and cancel the ones you don't want. On the flip side if you became really successful and others started grabbing up the domains around you, it may become more difficult or maybe impossible to re-take control of the real estate around you.

One final thought: Domains are cheap. If you already have one but it's not the greatest, if it really doesn't describe what you do, etc  - GO GET A BETTER NAME that helps you market your products and services from the ground up. As we go through this course we'll see how important it is to have all the marketing pieces lined up in the right direction. And in this game your domain name is one of the 1st pieces your customer will see.

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